Favorite Granola Bars

Granola bars are one of the easiest snacks. I often grab a bar on the way out the door or pack one for a hike. While they are super convenient, there is a lot of packaging involved with the store bought variety. When I decided to reduce waste in my life, I tried many granola bar recipes to replace the box I would buy weekly. My favorite recipe is on the food blog Minimalist Baker because it only involves 5 ingredients which I can purchase in bulk using my own jars and bags. 

Where to buy ingredients in bulk:

Oats, Dates, and Roasted Almonds: Ward's Supermarket, Lucky's Market

Peanut butter: Lucky's Market

Honey: Lucky's Market or your local beekeeper


Maple Syrup (to make vegan): Lucky's Market and Ward's Supermarket sell maple syrup in a recyclable glass bottle.


The recipe recommends using parchment paper, but I lightly grease the pan with butter which works great. Once the bars are ready, I often keep about 1/2 in the freezer and leave 1/2 to eat over the next few days. So, ready to ditch the packaging and make your own granola bars? Here's the full recipe:

Healthy 5 ingredient granola bar


By Nina Bhattacharyya